Training „Improvement of business and the technology of fruit and vegetable processing“ in Niš and Čačak

To further empower the beneficiaries of the project, both in the fields of production technology and business management, we held group trainings in Niš and Čačak.

Training „Improvement of business management and technology of fruit and vegetable processing“ was held in Niš on October 25, 2019. and in Čačak on October 28, 2019.

The trainings were attended by ten companies and one union of cooperatives supported through the program „Building market capacities of fruit and vegetable processors through the production of private label for domestic and international retail chains“. Importance of marketing for business development, accessing available sources of funding for the MSMEE sector and investments in fruit and vegetable processing industry, fruit and vegetable processing technology are just some of the topics covered in the trainings.

The trainings were very interactive in both cities, and the representatives of the companies had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in important areas within their business and production.

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