Serbian Private Label Association

Serbian Private Label Association was established with the aim of networking, promoting and strengthening the position of producers of domestic brand products, while creating a better business environment for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in this segment of production.

The goals of Association are:

Promotion of Serbia, as a favorable destinations for private label development

Education of producers, retailers, wholesalers and consumers on the subject of economic significance and importance of private label

Connecting with domestic and international associations through sharing ideas, experiences and good practices to achieve business development objectives.

Cooperation with Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

Reviewing the position of members and interested companies and proposing measures to improve the business performance.

Connecting manufacturers, individuals and companies involved in the production or distribution of private label products

The establishment of Serbian Private Label Association was supported by USAID Competitive Economy Project.

1 %

In Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the market share of private label exceeds 50%.

1 %

In Germany, the largest European economy, the share of private label products has remained above 44% for three years in a row.

1 %

The share of private label on a global level is highest in the categories of frozen food 47.1% and fresh food 44.8%.

1 %

In Serbia, 19% of consumers over the age of 15 actively purchase private label products.

1 %

In Serbia, 49% of consumers believe that private label products are as good as brand products

Board of Directors

Cane Jovanović

Polo Doo Čačak

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Milivoje Jovanović


Vice Chairman  of the Board of Directors

Milan Petković

Black Grass Vlasotince

Vice Chairman  of the Board of Directors

Goran Kovačević

Gomex Doo Zrenjanin

Member  of the Board of Directors

Božo Joković

First Serbian Union of Cooperatives „Our growers“

Member  of the Board of Directors

Vesna Njegić

Ključ Bakery Doo Belgrade

Member  of the Board of Directors

Mile Kocić

Yumis Doo Niš

Member  of the Board of Directors

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