Private label in Serbia

Private label is a group of products that can be purchased under the name of a certain retail chain that guarantees their quality. There is an evident increase of private label products in the total sales in the world, as well as in Serbia.

Private-label production can provide many benefits to the SMEE sector: covering larger and entering new markets, increasing production capacities and creating premium, high-quality products, saving resources since the manufacturer has no cost of brand creation, establishing new partnerships and expanding business. All these factors increase the competitiveness of domestic companies.

Serbian Private Label Association

Serbian Private Label Association (SPLA) is non-governmental and non-profit association, established to achieve goals related to private label development, promote the importance of private label and create better business environment. 

Members of SPLA

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In Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the market share of private label exceeds 50%.

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In Germany, the largest European economy, the share of private label products has remained above 44% for three years in a row.

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The share of private label on a global level is highest in the categories of frozen food 47.1% and fresh food 44.8%.

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In Serbia, 19% of consumers over the age of 15 actively purchase private label products.

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In Serbia, 49% of consumers believe that private label products are as good as brand products

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